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Saylor Beall company manufactures American made piston pump style air compressors in their state of the art manufacturing plant in Indiana. These compressors are designed to provide many years of reliable service for your general compressed air needs. They provide shipping directly to your shop crated and ready for installation.

Sullivan Palatek company manufactures American made rotary screw style air compressors in their state of the art manufacturing plant, also in Indiana. These compressors are designed for the needs of many of the machine technologies industry and provide a quiet constant supply of compressed air. This style compressor is available with or without a sound reducing enclosure and is also available with a variable frequency drive that will cut down on your electric bills by slowly and steadily bringing the motor up to and down from working rpms thus eliminating the sudden jump in electricity at startup.

Here at Star Maintenance we are authorized distributors for 2 brands and styles of new air compressors, Saylor Beall and Sullivan Palatek.

Star Maintenance is your goto company whether you require a piston pump or rotary screw design air compressor. We offer installation and service for most any of your compressed air equipment regardless of brand, type, size, or where it was purchased. We also offer installation of the necessary air supply lines for your shop. Our certified technician will diagnose and repair your current equipment on your schedule and we offer emergency service in the unfortunate event your equipment should malfunction. Our service technician’s name is Curt Hutchison, and his direct phone number is 215-768-4827. Feel free to call him with your questions, comments, or concerns. He is always happy to help.

Saylor Beall Two Stage Reciprocating Models

Motor HP Splash Lubricated Model Pressure Lubricated Model Pump RPM CFM Displaced @175 psi CFM Delivered @175 psi Shipping Weight (lbs)
1.5-2 703 PL-703 510 10 7.5 213
3-5 705 PL-705 845 23 17.3 219
5-10 707 PL-707 845 46 34.4 338
10-15 4500 PL-4500 830 63.7 51 469
15-30 9000 PL-9000 830 127.4 101.9 666

All models available in splash or pressure lubricated versions and made in the USA.

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